I'm confused

In this month, many things which I haven't gone through before. One of them is serious incident for me. This is about reseach group and it is personal problem (but not mine) so that I don't want to show you in detail, but I think I learned an important point from it.

It is that "to think about the others" is essencial for our life. If you don't care, the others might be unhappy. Even if you don't think it is not so influential thing to do something, it might cause very serious event. Even if you think your comment is not so important.....

I only heard about it, so I can't believe all of that. But, some people believe all of comment that someone said. And some people love such a rumor and want to tell the others it. That makes some other people sad.

As for me, I was confused because of rumor that wasn't true. It was story that a guy and I were involved with. To tell the truth, I don't like him because he always chased me with persistence. But, my professor decided we went together and tell every people who met him it. So, all people said "Are you together with him, aren't you?" Even people who didn't know me very well asked same thing...

After experienced it, I realized even if one said some comment with a light heart, some people may think it is very serious. Communication is very convenient and important tool. But, some words are too sharp to hurt someone. We need to be careful to get along with each other.

be involved with 付き合っている

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