Be careful!

You know, I caught a cold.
Now, my condition is better, but I have another problem.

That is....

There's somthing strange in my throat!!

When I drank some coffee, I felt something moved in my throat and it sounded just after drinking.
I was so surprised because this sound and sense was similar to clicking bones of finger.

And next day, I went to the hospital, the department of internal medicine and it wasn't my usual hospital because it wasn't open that day, but the doctor was too bad. At first, he acted as he didn't want any patients who go to the other hospitals. He touched my jaw and decided the cause of my strange sound was because of my jaw's bone. And then he said because I had opened my mouth so big at my usual hospital, strange sound was happened. I couldn't understand. And I said not jaw but my throat (and pointed it by my finger) was strange. Now, he realized. He was a little bit surprised at that moment, but just said "I don't know the cause" without diagnosing my throat!! Good God!! After coming back home and telling about it to my mother, she said same thing happened to her friend and her friend said he had been bad doctor.

Then, I went to big hospital. I went there several times and I felt it was good hospital. But, I realized big hospitals are inconvenient for usual utilization. It was too clouded and I couldn't be diagnose. The nurse said reservations were fulled with for 10 days. It can't be helped because big hospitals are for the patients who have heavy desease. So, I gave up.

And next day, I went to my usual hospital. Finally, I was diagnosed. My doctor said he didn't decide what the cause was but he thought it was becase of small bag in throat.
At first, I didn't understant what he was saying so that he explained with drawing picture. He said everyone has small bag in one's throat and if one put up with cough again and again or one was a trumpeter, who always blow so strongly, the small bag was suddenly filled with air and didn't compressed rapidly because it has a bulb. In many cases, after few weeks later, this bag was shrinked. But, sometimes it wasn't come back. And he also said if it was worse case and I need to recover it, I have to have an op! I don't want it! But, now my throat said something when I swallow down things and I was irritated so much!!

Anyway, he recommend me to stay for a few weeks. So, I wait till finishing year.

I hope my throat will recover soon.........

department of internal medicine 内科
utilization 利用
trumpeter トランペッター
bulb バルブ
have an op 手術を受ける


KITO said...

Too bad!

Does the bug living in your throat fluent in English?
If so, you should make him speak English instead.

kaimu said...


He always interupts me to speak.
I hope he will leave from me soon.