driver's license!!!

I got my driver's license!!

During a month, I was focused on getting it, so I didn't practice English so hard. Because I don't have good memory if I study for a short time, I have to study again and again to pass the theory test.

You know, you have to pass four tests to get the driver's license in Japan. Two of them are technical test for driving skill and the others are theory test and you have to get over 90 percentages. In my school, I had to pass the first technical test, then the first theory test and after that I could drive a car in a public road. After brushing driver's skill up, I got the chance to try the last technical test. And passing the test, I graduated the driving school and went to take the 2nd theory test.

In the 2nd theory test, there are 95 question. All of them are correct/incorrect question. The last 5 question with the illustration asked the three manner. If I couldn't answer all three correctly, I couldn't get any points.

The difficulty of this test is that it ask about not only normal cars but also motor bicycles and the other cars. As for me, I wanted to get the automatic car license but I have to know about manual cars. (I think it is same in the other countries...)

Anyway, I passed the test and I got the driver's license now! Nowadays, it is strict about privacy so that I got the card with an IC tip. Hmm, isit useful for our life???

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