Beckoning cat

Do you know beckoning cat?
It is a popular cat in Japan.
Beckoning cat is a white cat and it is standing and beckoning.

Yes, it is a doll of cat.

One of my classmates in my English conversation class who quited to come this school today gave me it. He told us about the story why the beckoning cat was born.

It was born hundreds years ago in the Edo period. One day, the second highest person on the edo government walked in front of the temple, Kotoku-ji and saw a white cat beckoning (he thought). He thought it was strange but it may that the god told him to come into the temple so that he came there. Suddenly, thunderbolt fell exactly the same place he had been there.
Thanks of the cat (maybe the god), he could be alive! Since then, this temple had been more popular than before and because so many people came there, the priests created the beckoning cat and sold them.

And now, we can see the beckoning cat everywhere!!

But we can get the original one only in Kotoku-ji.

Because he bought it there, I will become more happier! I thank him very much!

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