Makoto Ozone is fantastic!

Do you know Makoto Ozone?
He is a jazz pianist.
He is also a classic pianist.
He is one of the most famous pianist in Japan (perhaps, in the world)
His play is sometimes very strong and exciting, but the other time, very beautiful and kind.
I love his music so that I listen to Makoto Ozone's radio program.
His talk is also fantastic! He is smart and like a comedian (I think he is smart so that he can be comedian).

I watch the TV program about Makoto Ozone.
It's about his history and his try.

He is amazing because he tries mixing jazz and classic. Most musicians can't do that but he can.
And on that show, he tried to play tango with an accordionist. He study about the rhythm of tango very hard and finally play perfect music!!

I hope I will be person like him who is interested in everything in the world, and have a will to finish his try and believe himself.

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Hayato said...

I'm afraid I've not heard his name so far...

I like classical music, not really do I like jazz, though. I'll check his CDs when I drop in at a CD shop!

By the way, I guess they can't pronounce his family name Ozone correctly. Of course you know, as specializing chemistry now, that it's simply the name of a certain toxic gas O3. But it covers over and protects us from severe ultraviolet.

kaimu said...

I recommend you to listen his CDs!!

Well, one of them was named "Ozone" which is pronounced same as O3. I think he likes his family name and so do I!